Friday, March 18, 2005

A newscomer in the blogging scene

After I wondered what the hell was all this hype about blogz, I get to find some very fine blog with lot of valuable infos and after I realised it was a powerfull communication tools for me, I decided to have a go with it. Later, I'll make my business blog as well, not sure yet how I'll mix that together.
To present myself briefly, I'm living in Lyon, France, I've been computer addicted since 20 years (I've tried to cure myself but no luck). I spend a lot of time seeking for new stuff on the Inet, so I'll share this knowledge with you. My main goal is to help people being more productive on their computer, discover new tools, and to stay on the edge of the technology.

So come here often and don't hesitate to share your comments on the posts I'll be sharing with you ;)