Saturday, April 30, 2005


Little french to change, english readers won't mind ;)

Beaucoup d'activité autour de Longhorn ces jours-ci. Si vous habitez dans une grotte depuis ces derniers temps, Longhorn est le successeur de WIndows XP annoncé pour 2006.
Les festivités ont commencé au WinHEC (conférence Microsoft accés sur le matériel) au notre ami billou nous as montré quelques aspects de Longhorn, ainsi que d'autres trucs sympa sur Windows 64 bits, les tablets PC & much more.
Si vous avez un peu de temps à passer et que vous comprenez bien l'english vous pouvez regarder le keynote de Bill ici.
D'autre informations intérressante un plus détaillés je dirais dans l'interview de Jim Allchin, Vise président de m$ et chargé de Windows. L'interview est disponible par là. Quelques informations filtrent de cette interview, pour les tabletPC, Longhorn va apprendre tout seul votre écriture pour mieux l'interpréter, mais aussi observer les thèmes et mots que vous utilisez pour mieux deviner par rapport au contexte. Sur ce je vous laisse, je vais aller regarder une démonstration d'Avalon l'interface graphique de Longhorn.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another of my hobbies : Fansubbing

I'm quite fan of TV Shows, but here we get to see the US show years after they are shown in the US. IF they are diffused here (sometime on some weird cable channel or so), so I'm used to get those from some bittorrent sites and grab some french subs from another fine site And since I'm note too bad in english (you tell me) I'm doing some subbing as well for a few TV Show I like. So at the moment I'm subbing The Shield season 4 (Grreaaaattt show) and The Wire season 3 (Excellent as well). I'm also doing Six feet Under but the season is over now, so we're done (until next one). We're doing that in small teams so we can cut the episodes in pieces so it's not too long to do, some do the translating and others the syncing (I do both). That way we can provide all the french enthousiasts french subs to follow the show at the same time as american does (well take a few weeks in general :p ). Quite good for my english also :D .

A few words on Podcasting

I don't have an IPod myself, but Podcasting is much more than that, It's kinda like Free Radio back in the days in France. I know you can find some music like that, haven't looked into that way much atm (got more than I need already). Feel free to give me some good adress if you have (don't like rock too much if you wanna know, more on jazz & electro stuff). For the moment, I just listen to a few show made by James Kendrick (from JkontheRun great site if you ask me). One of them is the Tablet PC Show (yeah I know, I'm tablet addicted) and the other one is techADDICTION Show (more focused on computer technologies). Well it's just like if you're listening to the radio, those shows last a little hour in general, you can just put this while doing something else, or browse the link they provide on the site to follow what they are talking about. Yesterday night I even found my self power on my Bluetooth Headset to listen wirelessly to techADDICTION well seated in my living room (puting trough my speaker is another option but it was late and I'm pretty sure my GF would hate it). Oh, and moreover it's good for my english :D

In my search for a tablet PC

I was watching this platform since a few month already, and I knew it was really the perfect tool to run my futur business. I'm not fond of paper, I just tend to leave those paper notes where they are, and this I know that, I tend not to take notes at all (which is bad). The TabletPC look like the perfect platform for me in the convertible format, I can do everything I need on it and much more.
The First tablet I looked at was the Acer C302Xmi, Big screen, lotsa power, but kinda heavy (2.8kg), oh and cheap (not that rich at the moment). I think I was really ready to buy it. The thing is, my current laptop, a old Dell Inspiron 8000, great machine if you ask me, one of the first one with a 3D chip on it, big 15" screen, I really enjoyed it and 4 years later, it's still here but it's now showing signs of weakness. It just shutdown sometimes if I move it or something, and after that it's a pain in tha ass to power it on again, need to press it everywhere, I haven't realised what the heck is broken yet... Nevermind, I just can't go to a business meeting with it, if it shut down, I'm dead. I haven't created my business yet so I don't really have the funds for a new one, but hoppefully, I find a sponsor in my familly, so I had quite a nice budget to seek a new laptop/tablet :)

SInce that, I ditched the Acer in the search for something better and smaller. I was quite impressed with the new HP TC4200, it look good and has most of the features I want except an optical drive. It's the next gen centrino, so I find this is good, but it's not really avalaible here in France at the moment and still, it's kinda expensive though. My other tablet of interest was the famous Toshiba M200, it's been out for a while and has some great features like 1400x1050 screen and a 3D chip. I don't know why, but here it's way too expensive whereas I've seen in the states it's cheap as dirt (little more that $1000 I've seen, here it's like $3500). Couldn't find it for cheap really, could have gone to switzerland or so, but I don't like all this hassle. I'm a big fan of Eric Mack (blog) and I followed his quest for a tablet aventure as well. His choice was the Fujitsu T4010, haven't really heard about that one before, but I had a look at it. This Beast has all the features I wanted, even an optical drive and around 2 Kg (4lb), Bluetooth, wifi, big HD, DVD burner, you name it ... After a search for shop in France, I realised this one was quite available and the price was OK. So I found a nice setup for me for, choosed the best model available (unfortunatly we can't have SXGA screens here) and a few accessories and BAM passed the order. Won't have it soon, cause those machines are custom build, should be something like 3 weeks to get it. I CAN'T WAIT.

Here's the Specs I ordered :
- Centrino 1.8 Ghz
- 1024 mo Ram
- DVD multi burner
- Wifi, Bluetooth
- 80 Gb, 5400 tr/min HD
- 12" Screen 1024x768
- Docking station
- Extra Battery (for full day on battery)

You can be sure I'll keep you informed when I'll receive this little baby ;)

Wow... Been a month

Since I haven't posted on my brand new blog. Been here and there the last few weeks, grabbed a huge amount of info as usual and as usual I keep this only for me :p
Now I think this blog is really an opportunity to share all that knowlegde I gather, so I'll try to Blog more often I guess ;)