Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another of my hobbies : Fansubbing

I'm quite fan of TV Shows, but here we get to see the US show years after they are shown in the US. IF they are diffused here (sometime on some weird cable channel or so), so I'm used to get those from some bittorrent sites and grab some french subs from another fine site And since I'm note too bad in english (you tell me) I'm doing some subbing as well for a few TV Show I like. So at the moment I'm subbing The Shield season 4 (Grreaaaattt show) and The Wire season 3 (Excellent as well). I'm also doing Six feet Under but the season is over now, so we're done (until next one). We're doing that in small teams so we can cut the episodes in pieces so it's not too long to do, some do the translating and others the syncing (I do both). That way we can provide all the french enthousiasts french subs to follow the show at the same time as american does (well take a few weeks in general :p ). Quite good for my english also :D .