Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A few words on Podcasting

I don't have an IPod myself, but Podcasting is much more than that, It's kinda like Free Radio back in the days in France. I know you can find some music like that, haven't looked into that way much atm (got more than I need already). Feel free to give me some good adress if you have (don't like rock too much if you wanna know, more on jazz & electro stuff). For the moment, I just listen to a few show made by James Kendrick (from JkontheRun great site if you ask me). One of them is the Tablet PC Show (yeah I know, I'm tablet addicted) and the other one is techADDICTION Show (more focused on computer technologies). Well it's just like if you're listening to the radio, those shows last a little hour in general, you can just put this while doing something else, or browse the link they provide on the site to follow what they are talking about. Yesterday night I even found my self power on my Bluetooth Headset to listen wirelessly to techADDICTION well seated in my living room (puting trough my speaker is another option but it was late and I'm pretty sure my GF would hate it). Oh, and moreover it's good for my english :D