Sunday, June 05, 2005

A small update

Live from my new Fujitsu T4010 Tablet PC ;) A lot have been happening the last few weeks. I've done a sky diving jump from 4000m last Week in Chambery near the French Alps. Great weather, very nice landscape, amazing experience, will have the video online quickly !!
The same day I received my new convertible TabletPC, went to Paris with it the next weekend, great form factor, small and light. Ink is quite nice and hand writing recognition is working like a charm. I'll make a more detailled review when I'll get used to it.
Also I'm participating in a program to help me finish my business plan for the business I'm building ATM. Great program with great people, it last 15 days, I'm quite motivated even if I didn't had as much time to work on it as I'd have wanted yet.
Monday is also the start of the new Six Feet Under Season (5), I'll be in the team doing the french subs again. This time I'm taking care of the synchronisation, so I'll be doing all the timings for the english subs before they are translated. Also get the leader role for The Shield, quite some work to do there, we are waaaaayyy late, but who cares, we're doing that as a hobby so no hurries.
See ya all soon.